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[WoW]Pit Fighter: Of Wolf and Man :iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 5
SMF Chapter-in-Progress 1 :iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 1
SMF Lady Lightning
Super Muffin Friends
Lady Lightning
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Sarah Beaudin
Alias: Lady Lightning
Etymology: "Lady" is a feminine title, + Lightning.
Age: 20
Powers: Ability to generate, control, and conduct electricity; superhuman speed (mach 2 on foot), superhuman strength and durability.
Peak Usage, Refined: Lady Lightning can control electronic devices, generally for simple functions such as "on/off", "up/down", but not using a keyboard or mouse.
Peak Usage, Unrefined: Destructive bolts of electricity, creating sonic booms in her wake.
Limitations: Insulation. Although she is durable, she can still be pierced with sufficient force, but can stand up to gunfire from small and medium arms with little more than a welt.
Other(general looks): Lady Lightning stands 5'7 to 5'10" with long blond hair.
Strength Level: Lady Lightning is cap
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 2
SMF Crusader
Super Muffin Friends
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Alias: Crusader
Etymology: A crusader was a soldier fighting in the holy wars known as the Crusades.
Age: 35
Powers: Crusader has manifested pearl white armor with gold trim, and a long sword with a golden hilt, both of indistinct origin. The armor manifests brilliant, golden wings to allow for flight. Whether these armaments grant him superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and flight or if they "natural" are uncertain.
Peak Usage, Refined: Currently, none
Peak Usage, Unrefined: Crusaders powers seem directly proportionate to how much he believes in a cause.
Limitations: Crusader can be easily manipulated, as he has no psionic resistance.
Other(general looks): Crusader is a tall, solidly built man of between 6'1 and 6'4", with short golden blond hair.
Strength Le
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 2
SMF Radiance
Super Muffin Friends
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Elizabeth Burke
Alias: Radiance
Etymology: Radiance is generally light, especially of a divine quality.
Age: 29
Powers: Radiance can create and control hard-light constructs.
Peak Usage, Refined: Radiance can create and control a number of complex or simple structures, ranging from simple beams of light, fists, hammers, to more complicated machines with moving parts. She can even control other hard-light constructs to a degree, having to fight the creator for control over their construct in a sort of mental battle.
Peak Usage, Unrefined: Bursts of blinding/searing light, bolts of energy.
Limitations: Her imagination. Furthermore, an attack on one of her structures causes mental feedback if she cannot brace for it. Even then, it still causes physical duress.
Other(general looks): She st
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 0
SMF Talon
Super Muffin Friends

Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Keith Barkley
Alias: Talon
Etymology: Talons are claws, generally found on birds, especially birds of prey.
Age: 26
Powers: Talon can create pinkish "energy" claws surrounding his hands. These claws are incredibly hard, able to cut through many materials or dig into and latch onto materials such a stone, metal, etc. He is also very strong, resilient, and agile.
Peak Usage, Refined: By focusing his energy into one claw, Talon can make the claw intensely hot, able to burn paper and skin, even deforming metal. This serves no combat purpose, and is generally used for picking locks, etc. He can potentially cover his entire body in energy armor, or create more complex constructs around himself.
Peak Usage, Unrefined: Talon has no discernible ability that can be "unleashed".
Limitations: Though tough, Talon c
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 2
SMFriends - Kinetic Man
Super Muffin Friends
Kinetic Man
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Patrick Lanigan
Alias: Kinetic Man
Etymology: From his control over kinetic energies.
Age: 24
Powers: Kinetic Man (or “KM” as he will be referred to) has control over kinetic energy, controlling such functions as friction, motion, and even speed. KM can actually manipulate his own speed to incredible velocities, and with practice, may be able to reliably travel at light speeds for extended periods of time. KM runs at super speed by increasing the amount of kinetic energy running “creates” (for lack of a better term), and causes KM to propel himself forward at a much faster rate than normally possible. Due to the after-effects of this ability, a kinetic field forms itself around KM, giving him a “friction barrier”. This causes any impact and friction to be treated as if h
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 9
Super Muffin Friends - Amp
Super Muffin Friends
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Eric Hayden
Alias: Amp
Etymology: Short for "Amplify", as well as the device that guitarists use to increase the sound and projection of their instruments.
Age: 22
Powers: Amp can manipulate and amplify sounds into barriers or powerful sonic screams and thunderclaps. He can use this power to create structures of "solid sound", such as barriers. For some unknown reason, his solid sound takes on a pinkish hue.
Peak Usage, Refined: Through concentration, Amp can create increasingly powerful barriers and eventually might be able to create complex sonic structures.
Peak Usage, Unrefined: Without any form of intense focusing, Amp can unleash an immensely destructive thunderclap or sonic scream. Amp tends to hum to himself, or keep talking, when creating barriers to keep them fortified.
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 0
Super Muffin Friends - Lady Z
Super Muffin Friends
Lady Z
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Cortez Zohari
Alias: Lady Z
Etymology: None known, presumably she “liked the sound of it.”
Age: 20
Powers: Lady Z can tap into a dimension that Freion has dubbed the “Darkmatter Dimension”, which grants her superhuman strength, agility, speed, and endurance as well as flight and a “Darkmatter aura”, allowing her to travel in space or cloak herself and those nearby in a cloak of shadows. Her true power is being able to “control” the Darkmatter, rather than the Darkmatter simply using her. This gives an incredibly array of techniques were she able to master the use of her abilities. As a sort of "secondary effect", Lady Z's clothes all gain similar attributes to her, making them super durable as well, but only so long as she is wearing them. Capes, ribbons, or anythin
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 0
Super Muffin Friends - Freion
Super Muffin Friends
Physical descriptions kept minimum to make it less exact, and more open to the imagination
Name: Thomas Burke
Alias: Freion
Etymology: Misspelling of the word "Freon", the fluid that keeps a refrigerator cold.
Age: 21
Powers: Freion's powers are based around the four classic elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Oddly enough, he has focused most on electricity and ice (through manipulation of water and air, respectively) hence his name. These powers include flight (reaching speeds of up to Mach 5 with effort), breathing in an oxygen-free or oxygen-light environment (space, underwater, underground), taking on the form of earth or water, and being able to propel himself through water. Furthermore, he is highly resilient to extremes in temperatures. Control of an element outside of ones he has created is difficult except, for earth (excluding sand) and water (excluding ice). Contrary to the elements ha
:iconmuffinmanmike:MuffinManMike 0 11


Not Very Big... :iconbickpenart:bickpenart 5 5 Wii Fit Trainer Pinup :iconbickpenart:bickpenart 258 15 Run! :iconbickpenart:bickpenart 14 0 She-Hulk as the 11th Doctor - Heroescon 2014 sketc :iconkevinwada:kevinwada 373 28 All Star Supergirl by chou-roninx :iconcerebus873:cerebus873 313 26 Korra by kieremj :iconelee0228:elee0228 331 18 Korrasami - FitModel!Korra,MakeupArt!Asami (SLVV) :iconsandralvv:SandraLVV 293 61 Korra :iconelee0228:elee0228 479 47 Korra!! :iconelee0228:elee0228 678 100 prince AZULA and his friend :iconxxoobattle:xxoobattle 115 15 What in carnation?! :iconblizarro:Blizarro 1,071 100 Sokka just wanted a bath :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 2,886 715 Doctor Who 9 10 11 :iconkevinraganit:KevinRaganit 1,271 92 Korra Sketch :iconpsuede:Psuede 169 4 COM - Korra (bikini) :iconkatzueki:katzueki 196 11 Korra :iconelee0228:elee0228 219 19


An absolutely beautiful piece of artwork! I can only find a few flaws and those are not exactly major! The biggest flaw is her face. It...

I like this work. The shading is clear, and from the front angle, allowing you to see the musculature all along her body, and her use o...



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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Marlborough, CT
Favourite genre of music: Metal, punk, etc.
Operating System: Windows 7 64x
Shell of choice: Koopa Troopa
Favourite cartoon character: Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Personal Quote: "Your best is an idiot!"
Working on a web-series! Watch this space!
(Pretty sure :iconrough-luck: will know the feeling, since she did Frostfire Ridge, too. Though :iconsilvergrimoire: might appreciate the names/nods)

The Troll stood over the mangled body of the puppy's father, gently prodding at it. Cold. He had been dead for hours. Perhaps days. It didn't take a Witch Doctor to assess that it was dead, but even reviving magic was no use.
"I'm so, so sorry, Shiva'tail," He muttered to himself, a Frost Wolf nuzzling up beside him, whimpering, "We gonna get revenge for da pup."
The wolf barked in agreement, alerting a few spiders, though none dared to challenge the creature. A hissing sound emanated from deeper in the caverns, and the Doctor felt compelled to investigate, a soft moonlight glowing from the end of his staff.

A wolf snapped at a pale orc, her body shook, weak from fighting for what was likely hours. She would not win. Three more pale orcs crawled from the crevices between rocks, creeping towards her. A searing bolt of moonlight cut through them in an instant.
"Leave da wolf alone, ya slimy basta'ds!" He sneered, lips curling up his tusks. The creatures cackled, and continued to crawl towards the wolf. One snapped at the wolf tail as it flitted into range, and the searing moonlight became burning starlight.
The call had become a roar, as the Troll's body grew and swelled with muscle and fur, jaw realigned to accommodate the sharp teeth of the dire bear.
"SHE BE UNDER DA PROTECTION OF WITCH DOCTOR HU'TEN," With a heavy thud, the bear landed before the cowering orcs, towering over them, "Run."
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